The Burning (1980)

The Burning is a 1980 slasher movie, recently restored and released by Arrow Video.  


Five Came Back (2017)

Netflix's new three-part documentary is a fascinating account of how five top Hollywood directors - John Huston, John Ford, Frank Capra, George Stevens and William Wyler - went with US troops to cover the second world war.

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

The Guardian review of Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals is spot on. It's a bold film of two interlocking tales: one a character study of Amy Adams's art dealer Susan and secondly a dramatisation of her ex-husband's first novel that she's reading. The novel dramatisation is a tense West-Texan revenge thriller and it's genuinely exciting. It… Continue reading Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Dog Eat Dog (2016)

"I've made a number of films in my career that are prestigious and important. This isn't one of them". Dog Eat Dog, directed by Paul Schrader (screenplays include Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, director of Blue Collar and Mishima) is a lurid, violent crime thriller starring Willem Dafoe, Nicolas Cage and Christopher Matthew Cook. The… Continue reading Dog Eat Dog (2016)

Lo and Behold: Revieries of the Connected World (2016)

It's not surprising that Werner Herzog doesn't own a smartphone but he's made a documentary contemplating the Internet age. Aptly, this UK premiere was followed by a q&a that was broadcast to other cinemas and homes across the country. 'Lo and Behold' starts with the birth of the Internet in 1969, and goes on to explore… Continue reading Lo and Behold: Revieries of the Connected World (2016)

Goldstone (2016)

Well I disagree with the Aussie critics on this one. Goldstone, which tonight had its European premiere at the LFF, isn't the masterpiece that some critics proclaim but it does have its moments. Maybe this is because director Ivan Sen is trying to do it all - cinematography (beautiful), editing (competent), music (hackneyed), script (slightly… Continue reading Goldstone (2016)